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facts about nigeria
Facts About Nigeria

Facts About Nigeria. Nigeria is a country in West Africa. Its coast within the south is found on the Gulf of Guinea within the Atlantic Ocean. The constitution defines Nigeria as a democratic laic state. Nigeria has been home to a variety of ancient and endemic kingdoms and states over the millennia. Nigeria became a formally freelance federation in 1960. It knowledgeable a war from 1967 to 1970. It thenceforth alternated between democratically nonappointive civilian governments and military dictatorships till it achieved a stable democracy in 1999, with the 2011 presidential election thought-about the primary to be fairly free and truthful. If you searching for facts about Nigeria? You have come to the right place. Check out the following interesting facts about Nigeria.

Interesting Facts About Nigeria

1. Nigeria's official name is the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2. Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world and the most populous black nation in the world with over 200 million people.

3. Nigeria is the 32 largest country in the world.

4. There are 36 states in Nigeria with one Federal Capital Territory.

5. The capital of Nigeria is Abuja.

facts about nigeria
Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

6. Nigeria has a federal presidential republic government. 

7. In 1914, The Southern and Northern Nigeria Protectorate was amalgamated.

8. Nigeria is located in the Western part of Africa with a total area of 923,768 km.

9. The name Nigeria is derived from West Africa’s longest river, River Niger.

10. The Nigerian Government was converted from his parliamentary system to a presidential system of government by the Obasanjo civilian regime.

11. Nigeria is the 10 largest country in Sub Saharan Africa, in terms of size.

12. Nigeria is a diverse multiethnic country with more than 520 spoken languages.

13. The official language of Nigeria is English due to the colonization by the British.

14. 68% of the Nigerian populace are literate.

15. The total number of languages in Nigeria comprises 7% of the total languages in the world.

16. In 1959, the Nigerian currency Naira was introduced.

17. The civil war in Nigeria broke out between July 1967 to January 1970.

18. The Nigerian National Flag was designed in 1959 by Taiwo Akinkunmi.

19. Nigeria is a member of the British Commonwealth and the African Union. Despite gaining their independence in 1960, Nigeria has remained a member Commonwealth, Associate in Nursing association of fifty-three sovereign states.

20. The Nigerian film industry, known as Nollywood, is one of the largest film producers in the world, second only to India's Bollywood.

21. When Frederick Lugard become of the Governor of the region, Nigeria was formed.

22. While English is the official language, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo are also major languages in Nigeria.

23. The Cocoa House in Ibadan was once the first and tallest building in Africa. It was built in 1965.

24. The Nigerian football team is called the Super Eagles and Nigerians are football lovers.

25. In 1967, President Gowon split Nigeria into 12 states.

26. Lagos has been dubbed "Africa's Big Apple," in reference to New York City.

27. Folorunso Alakija is a Nigerian, the richest black woman in the world.

28. Aliko Dangote's home is Nigeria,  the richest man in Africa. His net worth of more than $12 billion. the founder of the Dangote Group.

29. Nigeria’s north In size is four times the South. North (719,000 sq. km), occupies 80% of Nigeria’s landmass.

30. The Yoruba tribe of Nigeria has the highest rate of twinning in the world.

facts about nigeria
A costume parade on Yoruba tribe.
 31. The highest point in Nigeria is Chappal Waddi at 7936 ft.

32. Travel Visa was not required to travel to the United Kingdom till as a Nigerian In 1984.

33. In Nigeria, the Igbos make up 18% of the ethnic groups in Nigeria.

34. The largest river in Nigeria and West Africa is the River Niger with a span of 4180km.

35. In 1977, Nigeria took its first loan from the World Bank.

36. The first and only Nigerian Nobel Laureate is Professor Wole Soyinka. He wrote ‘Telephone Conversation’ 

37. Nigeria has the very best paid legislators within the entire world.

38. Due to its largest export market, Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa.

39. In 1851, Kano made 10 million sandal pairs and 5 million hides for export every year.

40. Nigeria has one of the highest numbers of coups in Africa with 6 coups.

41. Due to its population and economy, Nigeria is referred to as the Giant of Africa.

42. The river Niger and Benue are the main rivers in Nigeria.

43. Nigeria is infamous for advance fee fraud (419) which is a form of bank fraud.

44. Nigeria shares a border with four other African countries: Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Niger.

45. Nigeria was the first African country to eradicate the Ebola threat in 2015.

46. In Nigeria, the 4th highest number of poor, living under a dollar a day in the entire world.

47. In 2013 Nigeria was rated the worst country to be born based on welfare and prosperity projection.

48. Nigeria is the most corrupt nation in the world.

49. About half of Nigerians are Muslim, while approximately 40% are Christian. 

Current Facts About Nigeria

50. Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria before being moved to Abuja, is the country's most populous and largest city.

51. In Nigeria, The urban population is 18.1% of the total population.

52. The GDP of Nigeria is $447.013 billion.

53. In Nigeria, The state of Taraba speaks more languages than at least 30 countries in the world.

54. The Niger Delta is the second largest delta in the world. First is The Ganges Delta (Bengal Delta) consisting of Bangladesh and the state of West Bengal, India.

facts about nigeria
The Niger Delta
55. The Nigerian Flag is characterized by 3 vertical stripes with white color in the middle, and green on either side.

56. The largest river in Nigeria and West Africa is the River Niger with a span of 4180km.

57. Petroleum provides 80% of government earning in Nigeria.

58. Nigeria is the 12 largest crude oil reserve country in the world.

59. The country is the 8 largest exporter of crude oil in the world.

60. 70% of the Nigerian population are involved in Agriculture.

61. Agbani Darego was the first African to win Miss World Beauty.

62. There are 8 cities with a population of over 1 million people.

63. The most industrialized state in the country is Lagos and largest city in Africa, after Johannesburg city in South Africa.

facts about nigeria
Tinubu Square Lagos Nigeria
64. In Nigeria, the life expectancy is about 52.62 years.

65. Administrations still loot a larger proportion of the nation’s wealth, running in many billions of greenbacks.

66. The Ivory Coast is Nigeria’s top trading partner in Africa.

67. The major system of transportation in the country is the road transportation system.

Facts About Nigeria History

68. In 1472, The first foreigners to explore the area that will be called Nigeria were the Portuguese.

69. Nigeria was colonized by the British. In 1880 the British began conquering Nigeria’s south and north was conquered by 1903.

70. In 1987, The oldest known boat in Nigeria called the Dufuna boat was discovered.

71. Nigeria is home to the one largest monument in the Africa continent (Sungbo’s Eredo), that is additionally the biggest town of the medieval world.

72. Based on archaeological discoveries, the Nok Civilization which is around 500 to 2000 BC is the earliest known civilization in Nigeria.

facts about nigeria
Nok sculpture, terracotta,Nok Civilization

73. Kano history has it that a good soul aristocrat Magajiya Maimuna diode her cavalry from metropolis to overcome Kumbwada.

74. Once upon a time, the north was the additional literate a part of the African nation. consistent with Lord Luggard, there have been 25,000  Qur’anic Arabic colleges with concerning 250,000 pupils within the north.

75. Valor: a part of the ‘Forgotten Army,’ Nigerians volunteered to fight with the allied forces among the 81st and 82nd West African Divisions, within the Second warfare.

76. The capital town of Kanem-Borno, Ngazargamu, was one amongst the most important cities in 1658 AD; the metropolis housed “about a quarter of 1,000,000 people” and had 660 tactically, wide and rigid streets.

Amazing Facts About Nigeria

77. Cross River State in Nigeria has the largest diversity of butterflies in the world. 

78. The Anambra waxbill bird is found only in Southern Nigeria and nowhere else in the world. 

79. Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic groups with a distinct culture and traditions. 

80. Nigeria has over 4715 different plant species.

81. Social Media is very popular in Nigeria, Around 75% of the total population uses social media on a daily basis.

82. The oldest waterworks in Africa are found in Nigeria.

83. The 13000-year recent Iwo-Eluru cave bone is that the recentest human fossil archive in geographical region and has been said to have over 140 000-year-old features.

84. The first African country to win the Gold medal in the Olympics Football Event was Nigeria.

facts about nigeria
Nigeria football team

85. About 200 Nollywood Movies are produced every single week.

86. Nigeria is currently the biggest economy in Africa and the 3rd biggest economy in Africa.

87. Nigeria is about double the size of the state of California, US. 

88. The Igbos found in the South Eastern part are the most industrious of the tribes in the country.

89. Nigeria is the fifth fastest-growing internet population.

90. In Nigeria, over 3 million Facebook users in the country.

91. Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and Africa and a population of over 15 million.

92. Nigeria has more Muslims than in Saudi Arabia.

93. In the U.S, Nigerian immigrants are one of the most educated. 

94. The city of Lagos’ population is more than all of the eastern United States combined. 

95. The largest annual Christian gathering in Africa is hosted by the Redeemed Christian.

96. The drill monkey is native to Nigeria, and it is only found in one other country – Cameroon. 

97. Nigeria has 5 of the 10 richest pastors in the entire world, with net worth’s according to Forbes, from $10-150 million. They are Pastors, E. A. Adeboye, David Oyedepo, Mathew Ashimolowo, Chris Oyakhilome and Temitope Joshua.

98. The indigobird is unique to only the Jos Plateau. It is found nowhere else in the world,

99. The walls of Benin are the longest ancient works in the world enclosing 500 communities at a distance of 6500 

100. One in four Africans is a Nigeria.

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